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There are certain things that you will spend quite a bit of money for and there are those things that you wont. If you talk to the new fashionable woman about how much shed spend on a new handbag, she might tell you something that would make you want to slap her. If you ask her how much she would pay on her auto insurance as if she had a choice, she might tell you an amount that would have you hoping you are never on the road the same time as her. The thing is no one wants to spend more than they have to auto insurance. It leaves most consumers complaining to their auto insurance agents about their insurance policy and how high it is.

If you ask any driver on the road in USA how much they think the average auto insurance cost is they might just quote you how much their premium is and leave it at that. They probably don't know if they are over paying for their insurance or not. If you told them their insurance cost was little high for what their policy entailed they would be on the phone immediately with the first insurance agent they could find.

The truth is most people don't know what the average auto insurance cost in the U.S. Any typical amount for auto insurance depends on a wide range of factors. If you live in North Dakota where the only thing flying by you is a blade of grass than your auto insurance cost would probably be significantly lower than someone in New Jersey where the drivers look at each other as targets and the road signs as helpful hints. In New Jersey alone the average expenditure was $1,184 per policy and that was a couple of years ago. In North Dakota the average cost of a premium was $554. It makes you want to think twice before moving to a certain city whether you're worried about vandalism or theft or the likelihood of fraud and bad traffic.

The average cost in the U.S for the total written premium/liability is $842. The claims accounted for $70 of every $100 in premiums. Half of these fees went to plaintiffs' attorneys and the remainder to defendants' attorneys. Theft accounted for about 25 percent of the dollars that go to pay comprehensive claims, or slightly less than 2 percent of premiums earned for private passenger auto insurance.

One thing that has helped the average auto insurance cost in the U.S is the amount of drivers that are insured. There are 72 percent drivers buying comprehensive coverage. The average cost of automobile insurance has declined by 1.7 percent because of the insured drivers. If the average auto insurance cost in the U.S is $854 one can only wonder what it will be 10 years from now.

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