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Car insurance rates have not dropped in USA, even in these difficult economic circumstances. There is no need to pay an exorbitant price, however. There are a few easy steps that anyone can take to get affordable auto insurance premiums and save money for other necessary things.

The type of vehicle driven by the policy holder has a very large influence on how much the final premium will be. Even such details as the number of doors the car has might well factor into insurance costs. Before buying a new car, get insurance quotes and see just how much the new car will cost in terms of insurance.

It is not feasible for most people to buy a new car just to get lower insurance prices. The whole car does not have to be changed – some relatively minor changes might have the same effect. Anti-theft devices like steering column locks lower the risk of theft, and therefore lower insurance fees. Likewise, safety devices like anti-lock brakes or airbags lower the risk of injury. Any reduction of risk in driving could very well result in a reduction in car insurance premiums. This is why cars with good government safety ratings often cost less to insure, or why some states legally require insurance providers to provide a discount for cars with anti-lock brakes.

The safety of the driver is also an important consideration, as a valued customer. Drivers with a clean driving record may see a significant discount, because again, they present a lower risk of accidents through proven driving skill. Conversely, drivers that have been in several accidents may have a difficult time obtaining low cost car insurance. Most insurance providers will charge such a driver at a higher rate, since they will be more likely to suffer another accident.

Successfully passing a course in defensive driving lowers the risk assessment in the eyes of the insurance company. Not all insurance providers will honor this, so check with them first to be certain there is a discount to be had, and avoid paying for a course when it will cost, rather than save, money. There may well be discounts for other things like age, gender, or for being a good student. If they are not asked for, they might never be offered, so be sure to ask an agent.

Raising the deductible is a quick and easy way to lower the premium, if a policy holder feels comfortable with such a course. Since the deductible is money the policy holder has to pay from his or her own funds in case of an accident, it is important not to raise the deductible too high.

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